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"We have to show that-if given the chance-we can govern. ...". (Paul Ryan on "The Principle of Prudence and the Conservative Renewal," at the National Review Institute summit, this morning in Washington) A place for prudence and alternative education is what this summit was mostly about. "Obama is out to destroy our party" they exclaim. I suspect they never heard of Hara-Kiri!

Then, why does Ryan not talk about the wonderful job the Conservative GOP did from 2000-2008?!

America cannot take another week of GOP governance, let alone a full term or two. Why? Winning is all they know. Governance is not part of the package! Ryan, along with the other "Young Guns", Kevin McCarthy and Eric Cantor, need to move into the "private sector" or conservative ''idea factories" where they can be taken seriously, sometimes, IE. Jim DeMint at the Heritage Foundation!


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