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1. First off, it must be amended so that rabbid right wingers understand that it only deals with OWNERSHIP.

2. It lets those wingers know that we CAN regulate the manufacturers, gun shops, or any sales.

3. EVERY owner must be licensed for every gun they own.

We can't go on after every one of these shootings staying silent because the NRA says it's not the time to talk about it. Welll, if not now, when? The NRA was once just a simple organization that taught people how to handle a death machine properly, now, they're an arm of the right wing fear machine.

What's wrong here? It's only an AMENDMENT to the Constitution!

The Patriot Act shredded the 1st, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th. Are we always going to bow to the loud minority? If so, the USA is doomed as the world's police officer, which is how we are told to think of ourselves.

When are we going to rise up against the loud minority?


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Comment by Bill Frank on February 11, 2014 at 9:40am
Well Leslie, when the founders started this experiment, they had that in mind. You know, money found it's way back in.
Comment by Lesley Larson on January 15, 2014 at 5:26pm

I've been wondering that myself.  The problem is money.  They have it.  We don't.  EVERYTHING today is about wealth and using wealth to control whatever the oligarchs want to control, most particularly the government.  I don't know if you were around for 'the sixties'.  What happened was a unified, determined movement.  A generation of mostly white, middle-class, educated young people stood up to the US government.  That hadn't happened before.  They refused to fight in a war that had no purpose or end.  That surprised and scared the ones who were running things.  They had, momentarily, lost control.  That's when drugs became prevalent.  The student protest movement ran its course, and it might have affected the cessation of conflict.  I'd like to think it did.  By the time the protest movement waned, there was already a plan in place to assure that there wouldn't be a repeat of that behavior.  Liberal became a dirty word, the press was marginalized by incessant charges of bias, and the division of this country was underway.  The corporate takeover of government by and for the wealthy proceeded.  The middle class had to concentrate on employment, having neither the time or the will to protest anything.  Why don't we rise up?  Because we aren't organized and united.  If the progressive majority could unite under one banner, our voices would be loud, but I'm not sure there are enough people in power left to hear them.  It's obvious they've got Obama neutralized.  And if the Democrats don't regain control of the House, I think we're doomed to be fucked by a handful of misfits until Republicans gain control of the Senate and maybe the Presidency.  Then we'll be fucked by a majority, and unless you're rich, white and heterosexual, you're going to know what deprivation and suffering are.  If people don't get organized, and they don't stand up now, it's going to be too late to save this country or ourselves.  I want the Constitution restored in its entirety to the position of the law of the land.  I want government restored to some semblance of democracy.  We need a revolution!    

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