Human Capital to expand using corporate tax and land interstate compacts for budding and stalwart production to compete and responsibly hedge

Corporate tax and nonmonopolistic growcountry ag concerns should be open to interstate compacts by the state compacted to achieve rapid and vigorous returns on commerce, industry and thrift.  Perhaps a median corporate (etc?) TAX RATE OF EXPANSIVE OPERATIONS non-incommensurate with Senator Charles Grassley's packers ag bill.  Even including measures of extended corporate employees realty needs and their gracing stable productive neighborhoods.                                                                                                                                                                   I think this amongst the things suggested by James Joyce in reference to parochialism, the jet stream of the Great Lakes and North America, Chicago, Carl Sandburgs Lincoln*, migration, the history of the Northwest Ordinance and why agribusiness of today lay comfortably west yet the agribusiness and industrial hedges and valuation of easter climes are never revisited.

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