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President Clinton handed the Republicans a good running economy in 2000. The Republicans handed President Obama an economy that was in a recession and on the verge of a depression. Because of the way President Bush and the Republicans treated Yassir Arafat and the Palestinians and allowed Israel to bombard the Palestinians in 2000 and 2001 some guy named Osama Bin Laden got mad and decided to initiate a terrorist plan that resulted in 9/11. President Bush then took our nation into two unnecessary wars yet never payed for them. President Bush and the Republican controlled government then allow the housing market ripoff scam and the Wall Street ripoff scam to happen. The housing market boom and the Wall Street hustle scam that happened under Bush was created by a scams and was the ONLY great economic activity that was fueling our marketplace under Bush and the Republicans. The Republicans to this day still say that they need the Bush tax cuts to create jobs but President Obama and the rest of us know that it is the consumers that create jobs when they purchase things. However the Republicans are determined to permanently extend the Bush tax cuts, gut as many environmental laws as possible, make abortions illegal and get us into a war with Iran and who else. So this next election as well as every election there after the people of America have got to decide in what direction do they want our country to go. Do they want to go back to the scams of the Republicans or do they want to continue on the path to recovery?

For the sake of peace it is time we force Israel to make peace with it’s Arab neighbors so that we can help pacify Iran whose dictators will soon be gone as soon as the Arab revolution takes hold in Iran in the next presidential election in that country. It’s time we all call the White House and Congress and tell them to force Israel to give back the lands that they took from the Arabs which would force the Arabs to recognize Israel and or let Israel live in peace. This would pacify Iran somewhat and make Iran less determined to build a nuclear weapon if that is what they want to do. Now if the Israelis and the Palestinians want to they could make a land for land for peace deal. The Israelis could give the Palestinians land that would link up the West Bank and the Gaza strip in exchange for letting some of the settlements staying in the West Bank and becoming part of Israel. Also we could arrange for the United Nations to control Bethlehem and make it the ‘Capital of Religions’ and the capital of no nation. This would make Bethlehem a huge tourist attraction and help the economy of everyone in the area. We can also let Israel give back the land to Syria that they took but only allow the Syrian opposition to occupy that land until the Syrian revolution is settled and Assad is gone. Doing these things would create peace and lower gas prices. Will all of you please join in the effort to create peace in the Middle East and the world! Make that call today and be counted.

I’m sure you Republicans have a problem facing reality but the truth of the matter is that Iran got most of it’s material to build it’s nuclear capability when President Bush jr. was president. President Obama has done more to contain Iran’s ability to get nuclear material than any president ever has. Also the most violent time in resent history by Iran towards the world happened during the time that President Bush jr. and other Republican presidents were presidents. Worldwide Al Qaeda has suffered more setbacks by President Obama than any other president. President Obama has done an excellent job of containing Iran’s world wide terrorism abilities. There was more violence between the Israelis and the Palestinians during the years that the Republicans were in charge of the White House. There was more efforts to bring the Israeli Palestinian dispute to a peaceful resolution when the Democrats controlled the White House. President Obama has held the violence between the Israeli and Palestinians to a low level as he does his best to settle their disputes. With the new government in Israel that has just been formed by Netanyahu there will be soon be peace between the Israelis and the Palestinians as Netanyahu can finally negotiate the creation of Palestine which will make the Palestinians let Israel live in peace. This will happen in the very near future. There is something about the narrow minded, backward thinking, warmongering mentality of conservatives that bring out the worst in those that we have disagreements with. It’s as if our opponents do their best to antagonize us and confront us when the conservatives are in charge. President Obama has SURELY contained Iran better than the conservatives ever have. Romney’s narrow minded idiotic way of doing things will surely get us into another unnecessary war, this time with Iran and who knows who else.

America is in a recovery from a Republican induced recession. President Obama has saved our country from a Depression yet gets no gratitude or respect from those who oppose him for doing so. Sure President Obama had to borrow a lot of money to get America out of this recession but think of it this way. If you were in a household that had many people in the household losing their jobs there would only be so many ways for you to pay your bills. You could cut expenses, borrow or bring in more money from employment. President Obama inherited a country’s economy that was in a recession. For him to cut government jobs would of put America into more of a recession. He couldn’t magically create private sector jobs so the only way to pull America out of the recession was to borrow. Now the Republicans still clink to the notion that the rich need money to create jobs. But It’s the consumers that create jobs by buying things. Our economy is adding more jobs now because consumers are once again buying things thanks to the policies of President Obama who has saved America.

As the saying goes, you can’t always get what you want but you get what you need! President Obama is not a dictator. We live in a democracy. The Republicans have fouled up our government in every which way that they could as they greedily try their best to enrich themselves. The Republicans offer no new ideas on how to solve America’s problems. President Obama did the best that he could with what he had in Congress. It’s up to us the people to provide him help with the people in Congress to enable the president to do the things he wants so that he doesn’t have to always compromise the things he wants to do or not do the things he wants to do. If you are dissatisfy with the way President Obama conducts his presidency then blame yourselves because you didn’t cover his back with the help he needs in Congress. The health care plan he offered was a compromise that he had to settle on in order to get anything passed by Congress. Start voting against the Republicans if you want better laws.

This Mitt Romney guy surely is a lying conniving hustler who distorts the truth as he tries to shed a good light upon himself. He’s less believable than a used car salesman. For Romney to say that he deserves credit for the survival of the auto industry is totally ridiculous. If America would of followed Romney’s plan on how to fix the problems that the auto industry and other industries were having in 2006-2009 then America would have been in a worse Recession than it was in. Many auto workers and car part suppliers would of went under if we followed Romney’s advise. This would of rippled through our economy as the people who rely on the businesses that the auto industry and their suppliers generate. The auto industry is one of the biggest if not the biggest part of our manufacturing economy. For this part of our economy to go under would of led to many other bankruptcies. President Obama had to borrow money to save America from a Depression and is now getting America out of this Recession. Romney’s plan was to have everyone to be on their own to survive. Sure some of those that received government bailout shouldn’t have gotten money but you can’t deny money for survival for many because of the wrongs of a few when to deny funds for a few means that no one gets any stimulus money to survive a situation that was becoming a great Depression! What is Romney’s plan as of today to improve our economy we all have to ask ourselves. Being a brainwashing con artist that Romney is he tries to brag that he will improve our economy. Yet where are the details. Sure someone can promise you that they can fix your severely broken down car but would you let them fix it without knowing that they could fix it. The only thing that Romney says he will do to fix our economy is to initiate the policies of voodoonomics all over again. Romney’s plan for survival of America’s economy is to extend the Bush cuts for the rich and give other tax cuts to the rich. Then he plans on unnecessarily increasing the military budget. This will cause bigger deficits which will lead to more budget cuts. Then Romney and the Republicans want to cut or gut as many regulations and environmental laws as possible. this will lead to more Wall Street ripoffs. Yet the ignorant media that we have in America keeps letting Romney repeat the lie that he can improve America’s economy without demanding that Romney offer any proof to back up this claim as well as every other claim that Romney makes. Our economy will pick up month to month as the recovery chucks along because America is on a path to recovery. It’s a process that is not super fast because it was a very deep Recession that the Republicans policies put America into. The Bush tax cuts will expire in January and Congress will be making some very big budget cuts that will then drastically reduce the budget deficits. Our economy is in a recovery mode so why would you want to let Romney and the Republicans mess up our economy again!

“Romney likes to brag how he took a company named Bain and turned it into a money making machine so we should trust him to run the country because of that. Yet when you look at how he made Bain make money you will get second thoughts about voting for Romney. Investigate how Romney and Bain took over companies, drained their resources to enrich themselves as Romney and the investors took expensive salaries while cutting wages and benefits for workers and then shipped the jobs overseas or closed the company. Many of the companies that Bain took over were doing good until Romney and Bain got a hold of them. The few companies that Bain did take over that succeeded were retail stores like Staples and Sports Authority. However these stores sell mostly foreign made products so they aren’t helping America’s manufacturing jobs much at all. You will learn as this campaign goes on just how Romney and Bain made their money. Romney is not good for the American worker. Romney is only good for the rich as he plans, if elected president, to extend the Bush tax cuts for the rich and give the rich other tax cuts and increase military spending, This will lead to higher deficits which will make Romney and the Republicans to cut the budget more which will hurt the middle class and the poor. Then Romney and the Republicans will cut or gut as many regulations and environmental laws as possible. We ALL know that lack of regulations led to the collapse of Wall Street and the BP Oil spill in the Gulf. Do YOU want another Wall Street hustle or another environmental disaster! The Republicans want to drill for oil off the coast of Alaska! What happens if we get an oil spill up there! Heck Romney and the Republicans don’t even care to do anything about global warming! Then Romney says that he wants to overturn Roe versus Wade. If Romney and the Republicans win control of the government in the next election or any election that’s exactly what they are going to do! Think about ALL of this before you vote!

Let’s talk a little more about Romney’s character. It’ been reported in the news that when Mitt Romney was a kid in school he bullied other kids. Romney says that he doesn’t remember anything about it. Let’s take a look at this story. First of all if you ever did something in your life that you know was very much wrong you don’t forget about it. You regret it for life. If you do something seriously wrong but don’t consider it a big thing and then forget about it it shows what a lowlife that you are. But for Romney to act like he don’t remember anything at all is a lie because he did harass other kids frequently so he would of remembered some of things. After all he did say that he pulled prangs on other kids and he remembers that. But Romney wants to lie about not remembering the harassment s that he did to other kids. What Mitt Romney did to those kids as he bullied them when he was young was seriously wrong because those kids felt seriously affected by it. Romney lies as he says that his harassment’s of others had nothing to do with picking on kids assumed to be gay. Yet when he attacked that kid and cut off his hair it was reported that Romney said to his followers that they should attack the kid because he was different than them and he harassed the same kid by saying to the kid in class ‘atta girl’ before the whole class many times over. Romney not only bullied those kids but he was the instigator, the leader of the bullies that harassed other kids. Those other kids with Romney most likely wouldn’t of harassed other kids had not Romney egged them on to harassed other kids. Those other kids with Romney who harassed other kids regret what they did so much that they remember what wrongs that they did. They have a conscience, an understanding of what is right and what is wrong. Romney hasn’t much of a good character because what he did didn’t bother him. Romney was rude, inconsiderate, mean, and despicable to others when he was a kid just as he was at Bain and just as he was in the way he was to other Republicans in the Republican primaries. Think of how he will be as president if he wins in November. Your character shows what kind of a person that you are. Romney has shown what kind of character he is and we should be fearful of the kind of character he is to lead our nation. Romney even let an adviser go in his campaign all because the person was gay. He can’t even stand up to the Right wingers of his party as they exert their control over the Republican Party. A lying, despicable, weak spine etch a sketch president is not what America needs.

The ONLY reason that Romney uses to show why he thinks that we should elect him as our president is that he has business experience. Nothing else, no other reason! However when you look at how he operated at Bain you see that he was bad for the American WORKER as he actually cut AMERICAN manufacturing jobs as he and Bain ripped off the finances of manufacturing plants and poorly ran them till they went under and then shipped the company across the border or overseas. Most of the jobs he created were in the retail industry at Sports Authority and Staples which mostly sell foreign made goods. Retail jobs are ALWAYS American jobs because NOBODY comes from a foreign country to work as a retail clerk at ANY American retail store. So add up ALL of the retail jobs that Romney and Bain created and subtract those from how many jobs Romney says he created. Then add up ALL of the American jobs that Romney and Bain cut and let us know NEWS MEDIA! Do YOUR JOB news media and report the facts instead of repeating and echoing Romney’s lies! For more information about why Romney and the Republicans are bad for America read my web page at and on the Current Events section and at the bottom of my Home section will be more current Information. 

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Gawd that is long. And I'm afraid some of the history at the beginning is rather narrow making reading the rest of it questionable. What created Osama Bin Laden as a serious foe of the US was George H.W. Bush's establishment of US air bases in Saudi Arabia to run sorties into a and out of Iraq in the first Gulf War. Bin Laden firmed up Al-Qaeda during the Clinton Administration conducting terrorist attack on the World trade Center in 1993. See the time line of his activity here:


You might want to try this again and shorten it with better focus and facts. For one thing the focal point of America's big slide I think is the so-called "Republican Revolution" which came in the mid-term of the first Clinton Administration which gave the Repubs the House, life to voices like Gingrich and Limbaugh and the coming of Fox "News" which was a retreaded idea from the Nixon Administration to create GOP-TV--all the propaganda-all the time! The obstruction started then that freed other countries to rapidly move past America by mixing socialism and capitalism while America became mired in the tug of internal war between parties where the right seemed to want to continue the Col War in some kind of pursuit of a pure market totality. This, plus the Lewinsky farce set America up for the big skid when Bush-Cheney took over instead of Gore. True, the country had a surplus but it's place in the world was already slipping by America's failure to keep pace with other developing nations freed by the end of the super-power stand-0ff.


We see where we are now but haven't learned anything as the same mistake that happened in the second year of the first Clinton Administration happened in the second year of the Obama Administration--America's returned obstructionist Republicans to control of the House. Now we are where we are with the possibility of Romney taking over and returning America to free fall and errant wars at the expense of the remaining social safety net. America's number one geopolitical foe is not Russia as Romney recently asserted, it's Americans.

Unless the republican party had/has the majority in both houses. There's no way they did what they did, or do what they will do without help. 


I'll bet Romney would extend the bush tax cuts and extend the patriot act, maybe even sign a national defense authorizion act. what a fascist.

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