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There have been numerous reports that President Obama is considering military involvement in Iraq. Even if limited to airstrikes, military action would inflame sectarian divisions in the country and that would almost certainly kill civilians. 


Join The Nation, RootsAction and Iraq Veterans Against the War in telling the president to not use military force in Iraq.

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Before Senator Mark Udall Leaves Office, He Can Make History

Transparency and civil liberties advocates are calling on outgoing Senator Mark Udall to use his privileges as a senator to release the contents of the CIA “torture report” into the Congressional Record.

Act Now to Save the Open Internet

The FCC is reportedly considering a “hybrid” plan that could still leave us with exactly what we don’t want: fast lanes for the 1% and slow lanes for everybody else.

Here’s Something Your State Can Do to Fight Corporate Money in Politics

Law professor and State Senator Jamie Raskin is planning on introducing a bill that could put a dent in corporations’ ability to influence our elections.  


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The Sarah Palin News Channel

Started by Bill Frank in Talking Politics. Last reply by Bill Frank Aug 27. 2 Replies

Do you realize how long it took me to write the title to this discussion? Not because I was trying to come up with the title, how long it took me to stop laughing, so that I could type it up.Who here believes Palin can be a news director?Does she…Continue

1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th

Started by Bill Frank in Talking Politics Jul 27. 0 Replies

1st Amendment - Hobby Lobby is now allowed to act like a religion with regards to the ACA. That there, in, and of itself is uncostitutional. Who is paying the premiums for the policy? Not fucking Hobby Lobby.2nd Amendment - What's wrong with…Continue

NRA and Gun Owners of America

Started by Bill Frank in Talking Politics. Last reply by Bill Frank Jul 27. 2 Replies

These two groups have most gun owners wrapped around their finger.For example, my dad. A few weeks ago he was telling me that the Obama adminstration wanted to put tracking writ bands on every gun owner. I filed that in the back of my…Continue

Can we have a worker security program or a 21st Century New Deal? I have an idea...

Started by Robert Myers in The Nation Social Network. Last reply by James T McGuiness Jul 1. 2 Replies

I have no idea what I am doing.  I have never posted here before and probably am in the wrong spot and I apologize.  I generally don't open up online or "blog" as I am usually to radical for most people's taste.  The code name I have for this…Continue

Tags: socialism, new, dea, class, working


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